Laboratory for Optical Physics and Engineering
306 N. Wright St. | Urbana, IL 61801 | 217.333.2483

Laser Spectroscopy

Demonstration of the first UV and violet fiber lasers

Demonstration and development of microdischarge devices and arrays in Si and flexible layered structures

Discovery of several new laser spectroscopic techniques for studying excimer molecules

Modulation at THz frequencies of coherent UV radiation by an atomic wavepacket

Development of a compact surface discharge system for pumping high power infrared and visible gas lasers

Development of photochemical vapor deposition for the growth of epitaxial GaN, Ge, and Si films

Microcavity Plasma

Microcavity plasma science

Enviromental application in microcavity plasma

Plasma chemistry

Biomedical applications

Flexable and transparenet devces

~1μm microplasma device and analysis

Plasma Photonic Crystals